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Welcome to the Helpers of the Queen of the Rosary Foundation’s website!

The fundamental goal of the foundation is to promote the Holy Rosary prayer mainly through the “Królowa Różańca Świętego” (Queen of the Holy Rosary) quarterly. We are fulfilling this mission continuously since 2012 while we are publishing next issues of our magazine.


One of the most honourable Dominican Friars, the first propagator of the Rosary Novena in honor of Our Lady of Pompeii (the Pompeian Novena) in Poland, has told us that for the Queen of the Holy Rosary quarterly it is essential in order to exist and continue its mission to be followed by the works of mercy in the spirit of the Blessed Bartolo Longo.

Even though our magazine still struggles when searching for  its place and is finding new readers not without problems, we have achieved to undertake first of the several iniciatives directed mainly to the prisoners. But any activity of this sort generates further expenses. In order to keep and expand the Christian works of help for our neighbours, we brought the Helpers of the Queen of the Rosary Foundation into being – a Foundation which is the legal owner of the Queen of the Holy Rosary quarterly and further Christian initiatives.

We encourage everyone interested – no matter if it’s joining our Foundation’s forces, supporting us with ideas or advices, or contributing to the charity with even the smallest amount of money – to make contact with us!

Marek Woś
Chief Executive Officer of the  Helpers of the Queen of the Rosary Foundation

More: http://pkrs.org.pl/en/

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  1. Liane Stasi napisał(a):

    Ich komme aus Deutschland. Ich bin seit Geburt italienisch.(dt.it.) Ich habe gerade Ihre Exorzizien gebetet, Heilgebet gebetet. Ich möchte gerne im Namen vom Hl. Michael befreit sein, von E-Mails und Menschen, die mir schaden. (…)

  2. Fr. Jackson M. Nyanoka napisał(a):

    The Christian religion is centred on Jesus Christ, not on the devil. Our concentration should be very much on Jesus Christ. Too much thinking and talking about the devil and demons gives them an honour which is not due to them. That is ‚demonitis’. However, to ignore totally the existence of the devil and demons is not right either, and that is a much more common failing among Catholics today, at any rate in many countries.
    why do a number of priests never mention the devil in a sermon or homily? Because some do not think he exists, other priests are uncertain as to whether or not he exists, other priests would not want to frighten people – but if there is a real danger of fire, we should not refrain from mentioning it in order not to frighten people! still other priests would simply not know what to say about the devil, even when the do in fact believe that he exists. God Bless this website

  3. mary napisał(a):

    I definitely have a spirit or maybe more than one.its definitely real.I’ve had psychiatric evaluation.I’m not mentally


  4. midinette napisał(a):

    Rudement captivant : je pense que cet article devrait intéresser ma meuf

  5. Margaret Knight napisał(a):

    I need help my home is demonized and need cleanning

  6. Kourtney napisał(a):

    I’ve never been a believer of exorcism or anything in this nature but here in the last four months I’ve seen and have heard things that are well I’m still researching. My friend has been ill and his family believe its something spiritual and are looking for a high priest to do an exorcism.

  7. JUVY padilla Carbaquil napisał(a):

    My wife is an mistery sick ….iwant to heal your pray….

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